Portland Commodore User Group The PDX group is located in Portland, OR  and make the trek to attend events all  over the country.  They are a promoter  and supporter of CRX.

Special thanks goes to our event sponsors and supporters...

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July 28-30, 2017 - Las Vegas, NV

Stirring Dragon Games We are a proud supporter of the  “Unknown Realm” Kickstarter project! Click here for more information.  Bruce and Laura have donated some  promotional items for CRX attendees! 
Jim Drew / CBMSTUFF.COM Jim is the creator, organizer, promoter,  and a sponsor of CRX.  He will also be a  guest speaker at the event.
The 5C’s The Clark County Commodore  Computer Club is located in  Las Vegas.  The 5C’s are a big  promoter and sponsor of CRX.
Nate Lawson Nate is a major sponsor of CRX.  He will  also be a special guest speaker at the  event. 
WavemStudios We are a proud supporter of “The  Commodore Story” Kickstarter project!  WavemStudios has agreed to attend CRX  so that they can document this historic  event.  It’s not too late to for you to get  in on this successfully funded Kickstarter  project! Click here for more information. 
Sajtron Sajtron is a member of the 5C's club in Las Vegas.  He will be sponsoring CRX with  lighting and sound, as well as helping with promotions with custom retro video  content. Click here for more information.